Our design approach is inspired by the exploration of ¡®sensibility.¡¯ We believe that a building must have some spiritual connection with those who will experience it. This connection can be historical, contemporary, or futuristic, and also can be humanistic, technological, or naturalistic. We endeavour to find this connection to stimulate the emotional resonance between people and architecture, thereby making architecture the carrier of meaning.


When dealing with a complex architectural form, we optimize it into a relatively simple and easily expressed geometric polyhedron through geometric methods. This makes the specifications of building materials conform to the conventional production technology, ensuring the feasibility and precision with consideration to the aesthetics from the whole to the details. 

Integrated Design

We integrate the spatial layout, structural form, building envelop and mechanical services into a whole through a rigorous three-dimensional geometric framework, forming a consistent sense of the order of inside and outside, much like an exquisite industrial product. The integrated design combined with industrialized prefabricated construction will bring time savings and cost control for construction.

Integrity of Outside and Inside

We are a firm that parallels architectural design and interior design, allowing us to examine the relationship between interior and architecture from a holistic perspective. Compared with traditional interior designers, we are more efficient at controlling the coordination between interior and building shape, dealing with complex functional relationships, and making the interior space present logical and clear integrity.

Creativity in Space

In terms of function, contemporary buildings in comparison with those in the past are often faced with an increased level of uncertainties. As this potential change of function and pattern of use may become a normal state, an effective architectural response should be considered. Thus to facilitate buildings with a higher degree of flexibility and adaptability, we adapt to multiple needs through open and standard space frame, providing clients with forward-looking solutions.

Attention to Detail

Details determine quality: from the texture of the material to the joint between the plates, from the subtle processing of the shape to the later installation and maintenance, we pay a great deal of attention to the details of the building. An Expertise in curtain walls and materials has become one of UUA¡¯s technical features. In an industry-leading way, we take the selection of curtain wall and materials as a necessary content at the beginning of the design, bridging the gap between the schematic design and the curtain wall engineering from the start, thereby producing clear collaborative interfaces among different design teams.

Whole Process Supervision

Here at UUA we take total responsibility for the project¡¯s success. From the schematic design to the completion of the building, we maintain frequent communication with clients, consultants, suppliers, and construction contractors to ensure that all problems encountered are effectively solved, new changes can be absorbed as the project progresses, eventually guaranteeing the quality completion of the building.

Design to Build

At one end of the scale, there are unrestrained ideas that ignore technology and cost, which result in a poor quality construction. At the other end, the assembly-line design is only driven by cost efficiency and results in a dull space without added value of good design. We look forward to explore and embrace balanced and practicable creative ideas. Technology and cost are always key references to rationalize our creativity and then achieve a high level realization of the original ideas. Beautiful renderings are only the first step to win the trust of clients. Behind this are countless efforts to realise the renderings and truly fulfill our commitment to clients.