The practice is characterized by a unique design philosophy summarized as ¡®The Spirit of Geometry: An Architectural Principle to Integrate Sensibility and Rationality¡¯.


The ¡®Sensibility¡¯ describes our belief that there is always a spiritual connection between a building and those individuals who experience it . This connection may relate to past, present or future; and it may also respond to humanity, technology, or nature. We wish to establish the spiritual connection between people and architecture, to allow the building to become a carrier of meaning.


The ¡®Rationality¡¯ refers to our design approach to integrate building systems into one entity under the guidance of function and aesthetics. We regard the spatial layout, structural form, building envelop and mechanical services as both mutually dependent and defined systems. Establishing a rigorous three-dimensional geometric framework permits the integration of these systems into a whole whilst retaining the unique characteristics of each system.


The ¡®Geometry¡¯, as an intermediate bridge, is utilized to optimize and systematize the perceptual architectural form in order to make the building comply with the logic of industrial production and construction, creating an architectural quality with sensibility and rationality, integrity and detail, humanity and technology.