United Units Architects (UUA) is an international architectural practice based in London and Beijing. Our reputation is founded on our creative design of spaces and forms, attention to details, whilst remaining sensitive to both culture and context.

UUA is engaged in a broad selection of projects, encompassing every aspect of urban, architectural and interior design. From small scale installations to large scale industrial parks and master planning, with our experience we are confident to consider all projects. To achieve this we draw on the skills of highly talented team of architects and designers through their own professional experience have acquired extensive knowledge designing advanced, complex and iconic buildings worldwide.

The practice is characterized by a unique design philosophy emphasizing integrated design, flexibility, and modularization coupled with an understanding of context. Our design approach is also strongly driven by aesthetics and cultural narratives, adding another level to a project beyond its physical form.

We consider every project not only as a close collaboration between our clients and the design team, but also the consultants and the contractors who will effectively deliver the project. By doing so, we are able to creatively interpret and understand the client¡¯s requirements, examine the feasibility of our design, then carefully control every aspect of construction. The design intent is translated into reality by drawing on this exceptional network of knowledge and experience that embraces every aspect of a building¡¯s design, construction and performance. It is through this ongoing collaboration with an extended network of international consultants, partners, and advisors, that we are able to remain dedicated to providing excellent, professional and creative designs solutions for our clients.