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The Exo Towers: Bank of Ruifeng HQs

The location of Ruifeng new headquarters is situated in the Jinghu Central District of Shaoxing, China. The new building will comprise of a flexible office space and banking halls.
In response to the planning requirements, the scheme is comprised of two towers, being 15 and 21 storey's high respectively, and linked together by a central glazed atrium. The change of heights between these two vertical elements not only defines a dynamic skyline, but also creates this breathtaking atrium space. The glazed central atrium, which rises up through the full height of the 15-storeys reinforces the connection between the two towers both visually and socially. A full height cable-net curtain wall is used for the east façade of the atrium, reinforcing the transparency between the external public spaces and the internal working realm of the bank.
To accommodate future working patterns and changing demands of the banking industry, the column-free interior space facilitates an adaptable domain where flexibility is a primary requirement. The new Ruifeng headquarters therefore derives its architectural language from the manner in which the spatial concept and structural design are completely integrated.
Beyond its technological innovations, the new Ruifeng Headquarters looks to harmonize both Eastern and Western aesthetic sensibilities thus creating a subtle architectural counterpoint. Furthermore it's distinctive structural solution evokes characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture, in addition to taking direction from the practice of Feng Shui.

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
GFA: 80,000 sqm
Client: Bank of Ruifeng
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Tim Mason, Qizhi Li, Yanfeng Lyu, Teng Jiang, Liang Xu, Yuan Tian, Qian Lu, Steve Parker, Jessica Millar, Alan Upson
LDI: Zhejiang Institute of Architectural Design and Research
Design Date: 04/2013 C 03/2014
Construction Date: 09/2016 C Ongoing