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The Renovation of the Auditorium of Ankang Middle School

The external renovation of the auditorium inherits the ethos of the original building and looks to retain the memory of the exiting site. A new aluminum roofing system was installed to replace the existing roof that had fallen into disrepair. In order to emphasis the rhythm of the structure and emphasize the significance of the entrances, the proportion of the façade was adjusted and refined. The north façade became the focus of the renovation, and as it looks to capture a moment in time, it becomes analogous to a stage showing a drama about time and light. Based on a central axis symmetrical layout, this facade is centered around the wide steps that lead the users towards to main entrance. Set above these steps is a three-layer recessed aluminum frame, which is like a stage curtain, framing out a crystal clear glass wall. With the abundant reflection and transmission effects of glass, a real-time changing scene is displayed. In addition by making this reference to a stage from the exterior composition , the north façade echoes the real stage inside, reminding us of the internal function of the building.To sit in harmony with the existing campus environment, the material finishes of the pilasters and corner details were upgraded using red stone tiles with two different textures.


UUA applies a rigorous and rational approach to the interior renovation of the auditorium, recognizing and balancing the structural order, spatial rhythm, material application and building services though out. Internal flexibility and adaptability is optimized by utilizing an open and standard space frame, thus meeting the multiple needs of the school from performances and indoor sporting activities, to conferences and exhibitions. An integrated design method is adopted to organize the layout of windows, walls and ceilings based on the original structural system of the building, thus creating a rhythm of the space. To ensure the acoustic quality of the auditorium space, the internal walls are enveloped with wood wool acoustic panels and perforated acoustic panels. Seven groups of capsule-shaped ceiling panels that integrate lighting and air conditioning are suspended from the roof structure.

Central to the success of this renovation is the consideration given to the idea of its historical setting as both a space and a place that carry the memories of teachers and students. In preserving this notion, new can be derived from old, resulting in a coexistence of historical memory with modern functions within the building. The renovated auditorium has become one of the most frequently used public buildings in the campus. It remains a continuation of the schools historical trajectory, making reference to the past but also looks toward to future by becoming a new spiritual space for the Ankang Middle School.

Location: Ankang . Shannxi . China
GFA: 1,000 sqm
Client: Ankang Middle School
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Liang Deng, Shengli Zhao, Teng Jiang, YanfengLyu, Liye Chen
Design Date: 11/2020 C 03/2021
Construction Date: 04/2021 - 09/2021