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Dalian 37 Xiang

The emergence of the architectural image comes from the exploration of Dalian's city spirit. Combining the unique geographical resources of mountains, hills, peninsulas, oceans, together with the urban fabric have created the impression of Dalian as a city of mountains and seas. The first inspiration for the architectural design comes from the geographical features of the city. Based on the existing mass of the building, UUA abstracts the design language from the form of waves and sails, and then through rational design development, the architectural image and the city spirit have a full fit, establishing a spiritual connection between the building and people by endowing the building with a new visual imagination.


As the most important and eye-catching element in the curtain wall, the cluster of white perforated aluminum cladding gradually bends outward, and the perforation rate of the aluminum plate decreases with the bending until it becomes opaque, which is reminiscent of the waves and sails. At the outward end of the cluster, the white fritted glass with density gradient stripes is incorporated to superimpose a more delicate layer. At the southeast corner of the building, the "waves" in two directions meet, forming the high point and visual focus of the building.


Mixed business types are an important prerequisite for ensuring the vitality of the park, with each business type being suitable for a specific target customer group. Through the rational allocation and sharing of resources, different business types can guide customers to each other, creating a synergistic effect. Dalian 37 Xiang is comprised of rental offices, radio museum, coffee shop, bookshop, communal space, tea shop, fashion shop, art education, restaurant, etc., emphasizing the theme of "fusion space".

Location: Dalian . Liaoning . China
GFA: 5,300 sqm
Client: Dalian 37 Xiang Cultural Tourism Science and Technology Industrial Park
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Liang Deng, Wenbo He, Teng Jiang, Xinghua Ma, Hongbo Fang, YanfengLyu, Huanyu Chen, Jiaxin Zhang, Yuxin Jin
LDI: Dalian Songyan Architectural Design Institute
Design Date: 01/2020 C 01/2021
Construction Date: 06/2020 - 09/2022