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Nanning Shuangding Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

Nanning Waste-to-Energy Power Plant is located on northwestern outskirts of Nanning. Backed by undulating karst mountains, the site is inspirational for its natural context. The main façade of the factory building is 200 meters wide and 55 meters high, aligning with a mountain col to the north of the site. Beyond the col, there is a plateau flattened by the mining of a cement plant. Given the perspective effect between near and far, the volume of the factory building is close to that of the background mountains. In order to respond to the natural environment and the memory of the site, the main facade of the building is featured by a pattern of undulating mountain range to visually remedy the damage to the maintains by human impacts, evoking the self-examination of human activities. 

The pattern of the mountain range is on the upper part of the factory building and its silhouette is derived from the combination of four sets of trigonometric function curves. The mathematic control not only ensures the smoothness of the curve, but also provides parameters for design development. The upper part of the building consists of two curtain wall systems: aluminum cladding and glazing:
The aluminum cladding system is comprised of vertical louvers which alternately use mirror finish and matte finish, creating a rhythm of strong reflection and weak reflection. The length and the fold line of each louver is defined by the curve, transforming the curved surface into a series of flat surfaces. This optimization effectively simplifies the construction and reduces the project budget, meanwhile enhancing the machine aesthetic of this project as an industrial building.
Location: Nanning . Guangxi . China
GFA: 54,000 sqm
Client: Jianning Water Investment Group & SUS Environment
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Bo Yang, Falu Wang, Wenbo He, Yanfeng Lyu, Bo Yang
LDI: China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute
Design Date: 01/2020 C 01/2021
Construction Date: 06/2020 - Ongoing