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Park Era Sales Centre

Park Era Sales Centre, located at northeast land plot near a crossing in Ankang High-Tech District, has its western and southern facades serve as major urban interfaces. In order to reinforce the expression of these two interfaces, a grand canopy has been introduced on west and south sides of the building to allow a strong sense of horizontal extension, meanwhile, creating a series of under-canopy grey spaces and a wide terrace for the upper level. Combined with the canopy, a grand water mirror is adopted as the ground landscape which nicely portrays the inverse image of the sales centre, adding layers to visual hierarchy and giving rise to perceived serenity in the location.

As a temporary building, Park Era Sales Centre has a designed service life of only 3-5 years. To achieve rapid construction at a low cost, a steel structure has been utilized for the main body of the building. Modularized design is adopted to achieve an integrated control over the curtail wall system, structural system and indoor space using 300mm moduli. For the glass curtain wall, every 1,200mm width is considered as a compositional unit, which contains a 300m-wide recessed strip window and a 900mm-wide fixed glass curtain wall. The recessed strip windows present a sense of regular rhythms and rich shadow effect on the facade. They also function to harmonize the relation between the curtain wall and indoor column grid and partition walls.

Location: Ankang, Shaanxi, China
GFA: 1,380 sqm
Client: Boyuan Real Estate
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Teng Jiang, Liang Deng, Yanfeng Lyu, Shengli Zhao, Liye Chen, Nan Yu
Design Date: 11/2019 C 03/2020
Construction Date: 03/2020 -06/2020