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Park Era Development

The Park Era Development is located at the heart of Ankang High-Tech District. Adjacent to the High-Tech Cultural Park, it is a rare tranquil zone in the hustling, bustling downtown area. The objective of the project is to create a modern exquisite community that allows every resident to live a high-quality modern life while enjoying a park-themed poetic nature.

With the park being situated to its west, the project is laid out with courtyards, duplex buildings and penthouses successively along the park-facing slope. The secluded courtyard landscape, in combination with differential living units, enables each household to enjoy quality views right from their living room, dining room and bedroom, bringing a tranquil park-themed living experience for dwellers.  

This design strives to break the conventional restrictions imposed on Chinese commercial housing in terms of formalities. Modern building materials and techniques are employed to shape a brand-new residential experience. A diversity of glass balconies and French windows are in place to form a concise modern facade. Transparent materials break down the barrier between indoor space and outdoor landscape. Just standing on the ultra-wide balcony is enough for a resident to gain an intimacy to the Mother Nature. Metal and glass mirroring green trees and blue sky endow the building with a touch of lightness in the surrounding landscape. The aesthetics of elegantly and exquisitely portrayed architectural craftsmanship is blended with ecological beauty to achieve a quality of sheer artistry both inside and outside the building.

Location: Ankang . Shaanxi . China
GFA: 38,000 sqm
Client: Boyuan Real Estate
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Bo Yang, Yanfeng Lyu, Falu Wang, Wenbo He
Design Date: 05/2019 C 06/2019