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The Orchids: Jinghu Riverside Mall

Located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, the project site is in an ¡®urban valley¡¯ embraced by surrounding buildings. In response to the site conditions and the local tradition of orchid planting, the main cultural concept of the design is derived from a Chinese idiom 'a secluded orchid in an empty valley', which is used as a reference to organize the architectural language. Composed of 5 randomly arranged ¡®orchid towers¡¯, dynamic podiums and landscapes, the entire project gives rise to an elegant overlooking state, providing a beautiful scene for high-rises in the vicinity. The facade of the ¡®orchid tower¡¯ is incorporated with perforated vertical louvers, in addition to create a sense of a cascading veil, the louvers provide ample shade to the inside space whilst filtering its own glass light pollution. On the north of the site, a water bay plaza is arranged to bring the river towards the main entrance of the Exo Towers in the west. Further to create a water-enjoyable urban space, a series of visual passages and pedestrian walkways are planned between the city road and the river, and also a 3m-wide barrier-free riverside pedestrian lane is added along the riverbank.

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
GFA: 26,370 sqm
Client: Jingze Real Estate
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Tim Mason, Qizhi Li, Bo Yang, Liang Deng, Yanfeng Lyu, Wenbo He
LDI: Shaoxing Zhonghe Architectural Design Institute
Design Date: 07/2018 ¨C 05/2019
Construction Date: 09/2019 ¨C Ongoing