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Uni-Intel Patent & Trademark Office-2019

The new office of Uni-Intel is located in an office building based in Beijing's CBD. The professionalism trait of the law firm determines that a formal atmosphere should be created in the design. On the one hand, cool-coloured materials such as sandblasted stainless steel, black mirror, black marble, cement fibrate plate and white light film are adopted in the reception area, and on the other hand, the wood veneer is also used to balance the colour temperature of the materials. In the reception area, principal lighting from the ceiling is provided by neutral luminescent light film; warm light strips are installed at wall-floor junction to complement to the overall atmosphere, balancing the colour temperatures of the space and giving rise to spatial vibes that are both serious and heart-warming.

Employing a 500*500mm modular grid system, the seams and gaps of the floors, walls and ceilings are all integrated into the system to empower every line in the space with the right to speak, presenting distinct aesthetics in terms of forms, scale and rhythm. Efficiency is essential for office spaces. Using a modular grid system, elements ranging from lighting, sockets, office desks to transport spaces are able to be orderly and properly organized.

In addition, interior gardens are established at the reception area of the law firm, which form views from the meeting rooms and reconcile the modularization-induced monotonousness. Cactuses within the gardens symbolize the tenacity and resilience as a key part of the corporate culture.

Location: Beijing, China
GFA: 400 sqm
Client: Uni-Intel Patent & Trademark Office
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Shengli Zhao, Liye Chen, Yanfeng Lyu,
Design Date: 04/2019 - 05/2019
Construction Date: 05/2019 C 09/2019