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Sanhe Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

The project is located in the Jingmai Industrial Park where is in the southwest of Sanhe City, also being close to Beijing. As a waste-to-energy power plant with the functions of demonstration and education, this project will show how to make waste profitable and turn it into energy to follow the concept of sustainable development in the contemporary era.
Based on the concept of ¡®machine aesthetics¡¯, the machine of the power plant is regarded as an exquisite ¡®artwork¡¯. The main design concept is inspired by ¡®the moment of unveiling an artwork¡¯, at which people's expectations and excitements will reach the peaks, therefore, the design intends to create ¡®this moment¡¯ in architectural language. The building envelope elegantly and dynamically wraps the plant and the chimney as a whole in accordance with ups and downs of the machines in the power plant, which is just like an unveiling curtain to show the machines inside out to visitors as ¡®artworks¡¯.
Meanwhile, the chimney as the highest point of the whole industrial park, occupies a visual position that is especially important. In that case, the chimney is positioned to a corner of the building, so as to wrap it inside the ¡°artwork curtain¡± and form a visually commanding height, creating a spiritual skyline.
In terms of the composition of the massing, the building can be divided into ¡®artwork curtain¡¯ and ¡®artwork base¡¯:
¡®Artwork curtain¡¯ is randomly composed of two types of V-shape unitized curtain wall, forming a fabric-like texture. And each V-shape unit is formed by two sides: white aluminum panel and clear class fritted with dotted pattern. In this way, different visual effects will be generated through observing the facade from different directions.
The facade of the ¡®artwork base¡¯ consists of a ¡®honeycomb¡¯ type hexagonal unitized curtain wall, which forms a texture of dense change by controlling the opening of each unit. The roof of ¡®artwork base¡¯ is designed as a roof garden, so as to form a roof visiting loop that can allow visitors to observe the whole technological process in a variety of perspectives.

Location: Sanhe, Hebei, China
GFA: 54,000 sqm
Client: CITEC PE & SUS Environment
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li , Falu Wang, Yanfeng Lyu
Design Date: 09/2018 - 12/2018