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Inhereation Pop-up Store

Inhereation Pop-up Store is located at the sunken square of Beijing Capital Outlets, which is planned to open for three months for displaying and selling traditional handicrafts.

The building volume of the store is limited to a space of 3m*3m*10m due to the special location in the sunken square. Given the conditions that the design and construction must be completed in approx. one month and the daily construction time is strictly limited, therefore factory prefabricated components and on-site assembly have become established strategies.
According to the design scheme, two unfolded umbrella skeletons are built as the supporting structure, and the space underneath is the exhibition and sales area. The luminous stretch ceiling is embedded between the ribs of the umbrella skeleton, producing delicate and pure lighting effect.
The umbrella skeleton as the motif also provides conditions for modularization. Centering on the supporting structure, the volume is divided into three hexagonal modular units that are prefabricated by the factory and assembled on site. Meanwhile, both fixed and movable furniture is prefabricated by the factory and installed on site. In that case, even if the pop-up store should be removed in the future, most of its components can be dismantled and reorganized for re-utilization.
A transparent exhibition and selling space is formed by three hexagonal glass boxes, generating the most direct exhibition effect. At the same time, the base is lifted slightly, showing a sense of floating and lightness. The wall adjacent to the next shop is finished with mirror stainless steel, which hides all the air conditioning and other equipment. Also, the space seems to be widened because of the mirror effect.
Although the pop-up store has a small scale, it reflects an attempt to re-interpret traditional elements with modern language from form derivation to material application.
Location: Beijing, China
GFA: 30 sqm
Client: Beijing Capital Group
Design Team: Qizhi Li, Yongzheng Li, Wenbo He, Liye Chen, Liang Deng, Yanfeng Lyu
Design Date: 08/2018
Construction Date: 09/2018 - 10/2018