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Shougang 2nd General Machinery Factory Renovation

Shougang 2nd General Machinery Factory was built in 1958 with a coverage of 82.79 hectares, which has been transformed into Chinese Animation & Game City by phases since 2009 based on a regional development plan. The project scope is a part of the entire renovation scheme of the factory, including three large scale industrial buildings and the peripheral environment.

The main design strategy is to highlight the old-new coexistence and contrast. While retaining the historical imprint of the industrial buildings, new materials are added to symbolize the rebirth of the factory. The collocation of brick and concrete in the original building style is preserved in the low-medium area of the facade in order to form a base with a weight. In contrast, the newly-added part that is mainly located at the top of the building presents the transparency and lightness of contemporary architecture. Also, a series of roof terraces are introduced to the buildings to provide communal space. In addition, each of the three buildings is incorporated with two external cores to enhance the efficiency of vertical transportation. And a viewing platform is added to the top of each core for overlooking the site.

The traffic planning adopts a pedestrian and vehicle dividing system. Daily motor ways and parking lots are set at the perimeter of the site, while the internal area is open to pedestrian and bicycle only, creating a good walking environment and commercial atmosphere.
Furthermore, an overhead walking loop is set around the internal area of the site and can be used as alternative links between the buildings or a running track for fitness. Along the walking loop a series of rest stations are set at intervals to provide resting space and vertical transportation to the ground.
The site design manages to maximally conserve the existing trees and industrial structures in the site, of which, the four chimneys remained are transformed into information towers with information display functions.
Location: Beijing, China
GFA: 119,200 sqm
Client: Beijing Capital Group & Shougang Group
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li , Falu Wang, Zhiyang Zhao, Yanfeng Lyu, Jie Chen
Design Date: 08/2018 - 09/2018