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Songjiang Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

Refuse treatment is one important agenda of the cyclic economy of the 21th century. As technology advances, the application of waste-to-energy power plants perfectly combines the refuse treatment with energy supply. The design tries to show the public a novel waste-to-energy mode and create an environment-friendly green energy centre.

The facade of the power plant is inspired by traditional Chinese brickwork and bamboo weaving. The brick walls comprise prefabricated concrete components incorporating vegetation and a drip irrigation system. The roof is shaped like a green carpet stretching out of the ground and wrapping round the power plant, making a dynamic small hill. The colour of the roof echoes the colour of the land around the site, making up an abstract colour composition.
Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 22,000 sqm
Client: Songjiang District Government
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Rong Zhu
LDI: China Wuzhou Engineering Design and Research Institute
Design Date: 04/2012