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Kaifeng World Financial Centre

Kaifeng World Financial Centre is located in the New District of Kaifeng, adjacent to Zhengzhou-Kaifeng City Expressway on the north, with a GFA of over 400,000 square meters. The building complex is composed of three major parts: a super high-rise office building, a shopping mall and an apartment building; the super high-rise office building is the tallest building under construction in Kaifeng (by 2017). On the basis of original architectural structure, UUA adopts a brand new design for building facades, to endow the building complex with refined and modularized nature of modern architecture, as well as the proportion and symbols of classic architecture.
In the building complex, glass curtain walls are mainly adopted for the office building, which in combination with a sky garden every three storeys in the north facade form several groups of outdoor terraces, creating rich rhythms on the facade. The sky gardens vertically divide the building volume to strengthen the tall and straight look of the tower building. The shopping mall is mainly designed with terracotta curtain walls, glass curtain walls and outdoor billboards, to portray the rich texture of the facade and create a business atmosphere. The 45corner of the building is opened as the main entrance to the shopping mall, with a large LED advertising screen hanging above, forming an entrance space for guiding customers. The shops on the ground floor of the shopping mall all face the street, to strengthen the business atmosphere of the ground floor while bringing vitality to the city interface. The terracotta and glass curtain walls are also used for constructing the facade of the apartment building, to make it look orderly and bring a feeling of elegance to the apartment building. The newly designed building facades make Kaifeng World Financial Centre show an architectural form conforming to international standards, creating an impressive city skyline at the gateway to Kaifeng.
Location: Kaifeng, Henan, China
GFA: 400,000 sqm
Client: Henan Landmark Real Estate
Design Team: Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Yanfeng Lyu
Design Date: 06/2014 C 09/2015
Construction Date: 04/2013 C Ongoing